why the tippmann A5 is awesome

There is no getting around it. the Tippmann A5 paintball gun is an awesome piece of gear. This marker is well balanced and will instantly feel comfortable in the hands of anyone familiar with the tippmann 98 custom. The Tippmann A5 is like that marker but on steroids! It features a high quality frame and is one of the best high end paintball guns we have tested. We were able to field test the A5 during a weekend away in Colorado and certainly put it through it’s paces!

over the course of the weekend we played roughly 20 games of woodsball and spend several hours in the speedball area rapid firing the paintball gun to test for maximum results. Everyone agreed the tippmann A5 was a fantastic paintball gun for the money we paid and the accuracy and performance were both high quality. The overall aesthetics of the A5 are pretty sleek, with a gorgeous metal black frame and extended barrel attachment for increased range. There were no jams or paint breakage in the over 20k balls we fired off over the course of that weekend which was pleasantly surprising. Even when thrown to the ground and pressed into the mud, this paintball gun performed admirably.

tippmann a5 paintball gun reivew

At Ricochet 2k we all like to customize our paintball gear to some degree and lucky for us, the tippmann A5 has so many additional accessories on the market it is almost hard to keep track of them all! There are Red dot sights, extended barrels, the electronic E-grip that allows for burst and full auto, and even a full on sniper rifle style conversion kit. And thanks to the popularity of this paintball marker, you can easily find replacement parts should anything break or malfunction. You can read another great in depth Tippmann A5 Review here.

Jason, one of our team member has sworn by his A5 for a couple years now, ever since he picked one up. It is his go to marker of choice for almost any situation and even after several years of wear and tear it is still going strong! The price remains affordable to entry level players and is also a nice choice for intermediate players. Pros might lean more towards the tippmann X7 but between the 2 we would say the A5 is a better value. It is this balance of price and performance that allows us to recommend the Tippmann A5 without hesitation to any level of paintball player who is looking to up their game and invest in a hight quality piece of equipment. Do no disappoint yourself and go for a cheap paintball gun when this true beast is a beautiful option that will benefit anyone who makes the leap and picks one up.