Where to find cool paintball masks

Everyone knows knows that rule number one of paintball is always use eye protection. Your vision is irreplaceable, and wearing the best paintball mask you can find should be your first priory every time you step onto the field. There are a lot of cheap paintball masks out there so finding a cool paintball mask that is decent quality and that wont break the bank can be  bit of a challenge. You want to find a form fitting mask with a wide range of vision, that will allow you to see clearly without fogging. Some of the best paintball masks are treated with a anti fog coating that keeps the lens clear while you play. This is extra important in inside play spaces where it can get quite hot, causing your mask to fog up; And that can really ruin your game!

cool paintball masks

A strong paintball mask strap is important to keep your gear firmly in place while you play, you don’t want it slipping off and compromising your eye protection. Luckily there are many styles to choose from, and some very cool Paintball masks on the market. You can find some that look like the predator’s mask, or slick looking professional level paintball masks made for experienced players. Whatever your style is, we can help you find a suitable piece of equipment that will suit you perfectly.

First, if you enjoy playing outdoors in the heat, you are going to want to find yourself a well vented mask. staying cool while running around in the wilderness is important to avoid overheating. Full Camo Goggles, even while strapped to the face can be very comfortable and players won’t feel any weight at all. Moreover, the lenses boast a clear peripheral vision that gives players that extra advantage in the woods. A good option to go for is the JT flex. One detail to note is that this full helmet style paintball mask offers total head coverage, while still allowing room for good airflow . The interior is designed to keep comfort in mind with a foam inner lining, soft ear protection, nylon made adjustable lens strap, an adjustable rear plating so that the rear of the head can be protected just as well as the front and much more.

awesome looking paintball mask

Professional players tend to go for function over looks and you wont see too many over the top looking masks during a pro level game of speedball, the focus is on total face protection due to the insane amount of paintballs flying around at all times. This is a good way of thinking, and by applying these few tips you should be finding yourself an awesome paintball mask with very little effort. Happy hunting everyone!