Welcome to Ricochet 2k! your premium source of information on everything paintball, outdoors and hunting related! This website is designed as an information resource for anyone passionate about paintball guns, hunting equipment and just loving life in the outdoors! Ricochet was formed in early 2014 when some 5 friends decided to start a blog to share their love of extreme outdoor activities with the world. We all me playing paintball and have spent many hunting and backpacking trips around the world together!

Any chance we can get we are strapping on our hiking boots, combat fatigues and gear, and hitting the paintball field or sleeping under the stars. Paintball is the sport that brought us together, but 3 of our team were already avid hunting partners so when we started this little venture of ours they roped in the other 2 and we had one hell of a mid march adventure out in northern Colorado! Talk about a fun time. We hope you find our articles on hunting, paintball, backpacking, and gear accessories informative and helpful for your next outdoor excursion.

while our members are based in Colorado, we often are out traveling the world and plan on sharing our exploits around the globe with the world as we explore not only the USA but Canada and even have plans to go hunting in Russia and meet up with some fellow paintball players in the UK, where the sport is really popular. Have fun and enjoy being outside is what we always say! So take a look around and let us know what you think about the site in the comments section. We plan on updating the blog every couple weeks with our latest and greatest outdoor adventures. Thanks for taking a read, and hopefully see you in the wilderness!

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